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Giving Back To Our Community

In many ways today there are so many that need help.  We made a choice to Donate a percentage  of our monthly revenue to a local charity.  We found just such a Charity that not only helps children of cancer here and through out the USA, but does it by using your old laptops and desk top computers, cell phones, and smart phones. We see first hand the battle that they fight to stay cutting edge for the children. Working on a candy to aid in the nausea from the drugs used in chemotherapy. And doing it all herbal, all 100% natural. Never have I been aware of or seen such a level of commitment as I have seen in their founder and those that wait wanting to be  volunteers to help them . It is the few that get a chance to help in the life of some very special people. Some awesome little warriors. Please stop by their website and get to know what they do. Like they expressed to me, “You either know of someone who needs us or will come into contact with some body that will need to know of us everyday. Sad to hear that but it’s true. Maybe you might be able to help them in some small way as well. You will not be sorry you ever got to know these people. There are all different ways to give. Ask them, it blew us away when we found out.

There link is as follows:  http://www.laptopsoflove.com 

Thank you for the time you took to get to know them.

Carmen Allen/CEO

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