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Connecting You And Your Customer In A Personal Way

Since billions of people use cell phones every day, mobile phone advertising is quickly becoming a key component in large business marketing campaigns. Over 12 billion text messages are sent every month in the US alone. Think you need to be part of that?

how does mobile phone advertising  benefit the smaller, more local business owner, when its reach is so vast. The answer lies in the other unique feature of mobile phone advertising, the ability to target customers to very specific demographics is your answer.

Let’s say you run an ice cream shop. How about sending via SMS advertising coupons for a free cone on each of your customer’s kid’s birthday?

This form of personal contact is perfect for any type of service business.  Consider sending discounts or coupons to your customers on  anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions.

The possibilities are so vast and  endless for staying in touch with your customers when you start to think about using mobile phone advertising as a high tech form of personal contact.

The personal touch is what it’s all about anyhow. It’s why you have a favorite restaurant or store. Someone gave you the personal touch and you remembered it. Now you frequent their business. You trust them on some level and this is why mobile Advertising is more important than ever for your business.

Mobile phone advertising can also become a form of viral marketing by offering in your text message that the offer is good for any other friend or family member that your customer forwards the text message to. A modern version of “I told two friends…and they told two friends…,” the possibilities for your business,,, Endless!

Whether you run a storefront or service business, viral mobile phone advertising is a great way to fill in slow gaps throughout your week. Suppose you run a cleaning service and your Tuesdays are typically slow.

You could send a text message advertisement offering a discount on a whole house cleaning to anyone who responds within a certain period. Try to make it fun and appealing for your customers to pass on to friends and family. You might find yourself overbooked for next Thursday!

A small bit of creativity together with a commitment to offering a personal touch through mobile phone advertising will really set you above your competition in your customer’s minds. They are going to remember you like you remember your favorite place to eat!

with the explosion of Internet video consumption, it is assumed that mobile video will also be largely adopted in the coming years. While video isn’t a huge focus for advertisers right now and many cite broadband and technology inadequacies as barriers, many predictive stats tell the story of video’s increasing importance.

The number of mobile video viewers in the U.S. will grow nearly 30% in 2010 to reach 23.9 million, according to eMarketer’s forecasts, representing a reach of about 7.7% of the total U.S. population and just under 10% of mobile phone users. Those numbers are set to double by 2013 and increase still further in 2014.

By 2013, some even believe that video will be so widely adopted that it will be a significant driver of mobile data usage — occupying an estimated 66% of mobile traffic, Cisco forecasts.

With video taking an increasingly important role in the mobile market, advertisers should keep their eyes open for opportunities to try out new advertising options.

We’re keeping tabs of the mobile advertising trends all the time. Which trends are you watching? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Joe Martin

    I had a sizable problem. Yellow pages wanted some $6000+ a year and I’m small time. Mind you this is just a paper phone book is all. I will say this, you have already delivered 10 times over what you said and it’s less than a fraction of the price others want. Now you want to add Television to your arsenal as well. I’m here to stay with you. Thank you for treating me like a person, not a paycheck Mrs. Allen Thank you…

    December 30, 2010 at 12:27 am

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