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The Cell & Mobile Advertising Group

We are here to cater to The Valley of the Sun Foremost.  Some of our other  work is nationwide. It is our aspiration to get you on top and keep you on top of the SEO, SMS, MOBILE SMART PHONE Game. With our help, we want to see you move past your competition and become a huge success. We as a company rely on that fact and in turn you’ll want to tell others of us and what we can do for each of them. We know that when you choose advertising  you want value. You want what you pay for that all. Phoenix is a market yet to be open much. Less than 2% What would you say is going to happen in the next two years with smart phone technology and this form of advertising. For those few who meet this head on and monetize their sites and link to social media pages, making it easier for the consumer to find them fast, what lays ahead for those few? $$$$$$ That’s all we will say for now.

We want you to know that 80% of  local business comes from within 5 miles from your location.Did you also know that for all the we help you with price wise we’re still 60% cheaper than you current form of advertising(s).

There’s still another part for you to know. C&S Group adheres to the Mobile  Advertising Guidelines as set forth by the Mobile Marketing Association. This is your security blanket. The MMA help in :

• Reducing the effort required to produce creative material,

• Ensures that advertisements display effectively on the majority of mobile phones,  PDA’s, And GPS units.

• Provides an engaging, non-intrusive consumer experience.

We custom build application’s to help you discover new ways to track data for your market as well as many other types of app’s. What your needs today are will not be what is needed in the future to grow your business.

Thank you.

Carmen Allen /CEO

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